Ultimatelapel Custom Menswear was established in 2005,mainly engaged in the custom service of high-end suits, pants, shirts, and accessories.
After the Opium War in 1840, Hong Band Tailors relying on their pioneering and risk-taking spirit, superb manul techniques make traditional tailored suits expand throughout World and oversea markets. Our founder adheres to the spirit of striving to make every suit and shirt perfect when he made acquaintance with a traditional Hong Band tailor. Here let’s talk about our development history.
Ultimatelapel was firstly founded in Shanghai, the birthplace of Hong Band tailored suits,focusing on the traditional handworks. Then we reinvest our new factory with a set of advanced imported professional suit production equipment in Suzhou, the place enjoying a reputation of paradise. We make light, comfort and solid figured suits in our unique sewing process that we fused with our hand-made works and machine-made process.
With its rapid development, Ultimatelapel has been one of the Asia’s leaders of network platform for custom made clothing sustaining the authenticity of Hong Band heritage. We are writing out a new Hong Band legend and standing in the world clothing brand. It is our mission for men all over the world to get best made to measure suits&shirts at a affordable price.


Quality Concept

Each custom made suit&shirt has its own personality and soul, it is designed and endowed by our customers. So our skilled tailors and workers pursue the perfection in every stitch and each detail. We make each custom made suit with more than 200 production processes, and use CAD pattern-making to handle special body types skillfully like sloping shoulder,rouded stomach, hunched posture,which ensures the fit and keeps the shape. We aim at providing customers with luxury fabrics, trendy designs, and expert craftsmanship with the lowest price.

Core Values

Customer first, team work, embrace changes, passion and dedicated is interpreted as our core values. we encourage unconventional thinking and creativity, and have open environment to share our thoughts, hear different perspectives, and ultimately make customer informed decisions. It drives us to lead innovative change in the e-commerce sector and men’s fashion, create best custom tailored suits&shirts for millions of consumers.

Corporate Vision

At Ultimatelapel, we exert our time, energy, and effort to our daily work, and obsess with excellence for styles, fabrics, fit, quality and the craftsmanship of our garments. Because we have common corporate vision that make Ultimatelapel customized clothing available to every business person.


Ultimatelapel has grown to be an elite team with strong innovation, execution, fighting effectiveness and professionalism from an individual. Every employee plays their strengths and delicate themselves to the job.
Our team is composed of vital and enthusiastic Salesmen, rigorous and energetic Internet Technicians, creative and fashionable Designers, punctilious and responsible Quality Control Inspectors as well as friendly and helpful after-sales Customer Services to slove problems.
We also collaborate with senior tailors who have over 25 years working experience for making custom made suits. Details in each process will be paid to special attentions. Everyone commits the goal that make the custom made garments the perfect look to customers. Superiot quality and best service are our eternal pursuit!

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