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Ultimatelapel provides the measurement video online to guide you to measure yourself ,and it is easy to follow and understand .It only Takes several minutes to measure yourself .You can do it at home with the help of your friend.You'll be prompted to get measured when your products to the shopping bag.


If your suit need to do some minor adjustments by your local tailor,Please View our alteration form. Then ask your tailor to fill it and indicate the specific alterations that were made. Scan the completed alterations form and your receipt and email them to us, along with a detailed description, at candy@ultimatelapel.com within 30 days of the delivery of your order. We will check it and refund you upto 50usd for one suit.This also provides us with accurate measurements for your next order.


If you don't think the method for measuring is not convenient,View suit shirt / vest the file for measuring is also an appropriate choice.then learn the course of measuring introduced in the file(which is same as the way displayed online)before placing the order,at last,it's easy for you to fill out the order form according to your measurements you already got. Once your order is placed,one of our Master Tailors will take Your body measurements and create a made to measure garment just for you.


  • I'm new to buying custom clothing online. What should I know?    »
  • It's simple,Get your measurements reference video.
  • Can I use the measurements from a suit I own?   »
  • Yes,you can! We will completely follow your finished measurements.
  • How do I ensure my measurements are accurate?   »
  • Follow our instructional video and you can’t go wrong. That said, there’s a chance some of your garments won’t fit the way you want right out of the box; minor alterations might be needed. We want to make sure you’re happy, so it’s a breeze if you order again in the future. Get started by watching this brief instructional video, then Accurate info here will help us verify your measurements and get you the best possible fit。
  • Why are my measurements listed online different to what I originally submitted?    »
  • Confusing, right? Let us explain. Our fancy computer system takes the body measurements you give us and converts them into clothing measurements, which is what you’re seeing. You body measurements are the baseline. If we need to adjust your sizing, we tweak your garment measurements. Unless you like your clothes literally skin tight, you’ll be glad we do it this way.
  • The numbers listed online are not the same as the measurements for my “off the rack” clothing. Is this a mistake?   »
  • No mistake. Off the rack sizing actually varies a lot. Welcome to the world of made to measure. Sizing as you know it is about to change.
  • Can I see my body measurements in my account profile?    »
  • You can only view your garment measurements in your account. If you want to make changes to an order, please contact our Customer Service Team (candy@ultimatelapel.com)as soon as possible and within 24 hours after submitting your order for help. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to make any changes to your order, so make sure you double check your fabric selection, measurements and customizations before submitting. Your order will be confirmed and cannot be changed after 24 hours.
  • Can I have multiple measurements on one profile?   »
  • typically no. If you want to customize with your friends or family together, give us a email at candy@ultimatelapel.com, we glad to help you to deal with this problems.
  • Why was I contacted to confirm certain measurements?   »
  • We just want you to double-check your measurements.