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Premium Fabrics

Wool fabrics varies from super 120s to super 140s are purchased from domestic top wool mill, Sunshine Group. To meet customer’s needs, we also provide super 180s wool fabrics imported from Italy. All these soft and comfortable fabrics meet the international standards for quality & consistency, and have wrinkle resistant breathable and moisture traits to make your suit stiff and smooth. Standard sizes suits in brand stores cannot meet the standards.

Bemberg Linings &
Real Horn Buttons

Japanese Berberg linings and real Horn buttons counts a lot for custom made suits. Breathable, moisture wicking and healthy are the most advantages of Bemberg linings. Real Horn buttons not only show the nobility but also ensure the durability.

Superb Inside Components

Amazing suits have much to do with the inside structures.
·Soft collar felts always match the outer fabric and inside lining.
·Thinner and lighter shoulder pads are used for our suits, they are cut with smooth and curved shapes to ensure the comfort and flexibly.
·Horse hair canvas counts most for the quality and inside construction, which makes the suit stiff and not easy to
while suits in standards size usually use fusible interlining, that’s why they are not durable and easy to go out of form.

Concentration On
The Details

You can tell the difference easily from a custom made suit and a ready to wear suit in the checks and stripes match,buttonholes, inside pockets, seaming, piping and stitching on the buttons and linings.Custom made suits pay special attention on these details to reveal its fine and exquisite workmanship.

Molds Pressing

Pressing process plays a vital role on the overall look of your suits, which make the suits smoothly and always keep its natural shape.